Things That Take My Fancy

These days, these things have really been taking my fancy:

{Graphic design, packaging, branding.}. I feel like a professional just talking like that. :)  I love good design, and it is something I would definitely pursue. I love the way white text looks good on almost anything. I love Didot italic and all-caps. I love little intricate patterns, black and white photography, and messing around on Photoshop. I only know how to make simple things. They can look okay (I think they look good, but I don’t at all intend to brag), but I want to get better at it. I intend to teach it to myself as much as I can, and maybe go to a design school of sorts, if necessary.

Packaging is so cool. People get attracted to the product by what it looks like. That’s why Apple is the leading in computers; they all are sleek, thin, clean and minimalistic. Also take IZZE, for example, the sparkling juice drink. It tastes good. It’s natural. And best of all, the packaging is very simple and clean.

Branding. I’m still trying to completely familiarize myself with what that means. But I’m sure it means the overall look and feel of the company/ business. The look of the website, the packaging, the logo, etcetera. (Bethany, was that correct?) ;)

{Dreams and brainstorms about my future.} God is completely in charge of my future. He knows what is best for me, and He has a really good plan for me, better than anything I could plan for myself. If He is willing, I would love to study design abroad in UK or something. You all probably know how much I want to go to England. I want to make my small bigcartel shop, SPARKEL WORKS, better. Maybe soon I can go from printables to actual physical prints. (Can’t quite get that far yet, but maybe soon.) Maybe I can design packaging for a company, or for a business. These are things that get me excited. I wonder what God has for me in the future.

{Travel.}. I haven’t been many places. Definitely none outside of the US. Two days ago last year, I was blessed to go to California with my grandma and great-grandma, along with my sister. I was delighted. California is so different from where I live. Palm trees everywhere. Totally different vegetation. And anyway, this was my first remembered time traveling by plane. So that was really fun for me. I saw the ocean for the first time. I held a sand dollar. Saw Morro Bay. Toured a winery. Saw hills as far as the eye could see. There were a lot of first experiences for me. And I want to do it again someday. Maybe somewhere else next time. I could go to England, France, Rome, Poland, or all of the above. I absolutely love adventure and new places. I would definitely be able to survive in Poland and maybe attempt to converse with people. (Now THAT would be fun.) I’ve been praying that maybe someday I would be able to make this dream happen. Just get me a one-way ticket to England and I’ll worry about getting back later. ;)

{Instagram.}. And I don’t mean the profiles of teens who ask for shoutouts, take selfies and obsess over One Direction. I mean people who know how to take a good instgram photo. Such as @cucinadigitale, @38ssiew, @curious2119, @hannahqueen, @sophiessnaps and @moriahpeters. Check them out if you have an Instagram account.

{Apps.}. Some apps I like:
Typic Pro, a photo captioning app. $0.99
Cocoppa, a home screen cute-ifier. Free. Very Japanese.
Weather Dial, a very clean and simple weather app. $0.99
Waterin, an app for tracking how much water you drink. Free.

What do you fancy these days?


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