Spring and Summer

I am so excited for spring.  I know, technically it is officially spring, but the snow makes it feel like late February.  A few days ago the snow was completely melted, but then “Winter Storm Walda” (so named by the meteorologists) came.  (Why do they name winter storms?  I find it only important to name disasters, such as hurricanes, for history purposes.  Winter storms are not much of a big deal, at least for me.  I’m not complaining, by the way.  I just find it somewhat amusing.)  Anyway, I am so looking forward to spring.  In fact, I got out the summer clothes bin today and started wearing shorts, a tank top and a cardigan around the house, just for fun.  Anyway, here is my annual, ever-changing list of what I love about spring, and also summer, come to think of it.  They kind of go hand in hand.

{Things I love about Spring/Summer}

not having to wear a coat any more.  fun day.

lemonade came to mind, though I don’t drink it often.

ice cream.  

no more heavy, awkward-to walk-in winter boots!  

a whole new photo op for instagram

green grass


that warm air


sitting on a blanket outside doing whatever

wearing shorts and short-sleeves

wearing dresses without freezing your toes off 

the melted lake

sunny days

rain.  I love rain so much.


flipflops and ballet flats (does anyone else call them that?)

summer break (more time, hopefully, to do what I like to do, which is designing, journaling, sketching, etc.!)

tans (which I don’t get often enough)

more things to blog about!

going places


running around (yes, I still do that once in a while)

taking walks (it’s easier in the spring, to just walk, than in the winter, tromping through snow)



What do you like about spring?


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