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Today the topic is going to be music.  I do love a good song.  Don’t we all?  Anyway, I thought I might give you a brief review of artists I listen to.  I will do my best not to bore you. :)

Artists I like.

Britt Nicole.  I like some of her music.  She is a christian, and I am too.  I love the tune of her song “Gold”, but I don’t necessarily completely agree with it.  It’s mostly about self-esteem, telling the listener “you’re worth more than gold”, “you glow like the moon, you shine like the stars” and “all the rain in the sky can’t put our your fire.  Of all the stars out tonight, you shine brighter”.  (For you all who love that song, please do pardon me; I do not mean in any way to be a killjoy.)  Of course, through Christ, we are obviously worth more than gold, or any earthly substance.  Christ has loved us and took all our sins upon himself.    That is why we are worth more than gold, and I think that’s what she meant to say, but she must have forgotten to say that part.  It’s not about telling people about themselves and how one-of-a-kind they are; don’t you see how hollow that is?  Reminding them who they are in Christ, well, that is satisfying and uplifting!  So yes, please do not take what I said wrong.  I do love Britt Nicole and her heart.

Jamie Grace.  Ever since I first found her single “Hold Me”, I have loved her music ever since.  She is a spunky 21-year-old from Georgia who also loves God, and all her songs are unique and fun.  My favorite songs from her are “Hold Me”, “You Lead”, and

Moriah Peters.  Okay, so Moriah Peters is pretty awesome.  She loves God, and isn’t afraid to show it through her music.  And her music is really good.  My favorites are “Well Done” and “Sing in the Rain”.

Mindy Gledhill.  I don’t care for all of her songs, but I like “California” and “All the Pennies”.

Michael Giacchino.  The composer for the soundtracks of many movies, including most of the Disney/Pixar ones.  I like his composings for UP, The Incredibles and Cars 2.

I also have been listening to Jess Penner, Audio Adrenaline, Joy Williams, etc.

Yup, that’s mostly what I like!  How about you?


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