These Days – 08/20

Hello everyone.  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  How has your summer been?  Hard to believe that it’s already almost over.  I don’t know about you, but my summer so far was pretty awesome.  Over the course of that time, I:

/// got an amazing summer job.

/// got to see many friends, make new ones, and grow closer to acquaintances.

/// mastered the art of the sock bun.  I think.

/// Wore a dress one day out of every week.

/// took many an instagram photo, as usual.  unfortunately, the majority of them are on my private account, but I did post a few on my public one (@maddiefoto).  Check it out if you want.

…plus many other things.  It was awesome.  God is so good.  Seriously.

For music these days, I am currently enjoying these songs:

Beautiful Day – Jamie Grace (when is her full album going to come out?  I’ve been waiting!)

Fine Fine Life – for King & Country (though I’m not quite sure what it’s about)

I Feel So Alive – Capital Kings

Vertical – 1 Girl Nation (a new Christian girlband I have recently discovered.)

{Things I am enjoying these days}:




journaling.  I journaled practically every day this past summer.  Journaling is awesome because  when you write things down, you have a better chance of remembering those things later (as you all know).  :)

the apps Over and AfterLight, for enhancing photos.  Search for them in the App Store.  Sadly, they are not free, but for me personally, they are worth every penny.

white basmati rice with butter and salt.

flower crowns galore.  My private Instagram is full of them.

flower crown 1



(these are all images from my private Instagram account.  Credit of the third image goes to my sister.)

{Things I am looking forward to}:


all things cozy



next summer :)

iOS 7, which may be released in the fall.  Apple totally redesigned everything concerning iOS, and I saw the preview and was/am pumped to see it a reality.

Grace Unplugged will be in theaters Oct 4, and I am excited.  I haven’t gone to see a movie (I mean in a theater) in forever.  By the way, has anyone seen Planes?  I haven’t yet.  How was it?  Good? Not so good?  Exciting?  Was it of age, or a bit juvenile, did you think?  I’m figuring out if I’m interested enough to want to see it. :)

resuming my studies in Español and especially Polski.

What has been going on in your life?


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