Fall & Winter Excitements

Now that I have enjoyed a good summer, I’m really excited for fall and winter.  They’re quite cozy seasons, really.  I love fall and all it’s color.  The air gets colder and has this amazing smell to it, wearing flannel shirts, jeans, thick socks and hoodies are worn all the time, football season happens (I’m not really interested in football in itself, but football brings family together, and being with relatives is fun), things like pumpkin custard, hot cider, spicy baked goods and squash are made and enjoyed, the apples start tasting better, deer hunting season happens eventually (oh yeah), and then thanksgiving.  I am quite excited, let me tell you.  And then winter… snow (at last I am no longer tired of it; I’ll be excited when it happens), mittens, tea (I am such a tea drinker – peppermint & raspberry are my favorite kinds so far), cozy blankets, fireplaces, towns and houses decked out in christmas lights, Christmas, New Year, etc.  Oh yes.


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