Things I Fancy – 08/30

I like to blog about things I find online, products I love, and things that are pretty and useful.  So I have decided to start a blog series called “Things I Fancy”.  Hope you enjoy it!


1.  Rifle Paper Co. products

A few years ago, I was reading an issue of the Country Living magazine, and I found out about this lady named Anna Bond who had a shop called Rifle Paper Co.  I studied her work shown in the article, and was amazed.  I forgot about it for a couple years, and then rediscovered it, to find out that not only does she sell calendars and notecards, she sells journals, notebooks, recipe cards and boxes, prints, etcetera!  And they are so darling.  I recently bought myself the journal shown below.  Can’t wait for it to come in the mail so I can start writing in it!

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2.  wool mittens.

I love classic mittens: not bulky, up cycled felted sweater ones, but classic knit ones made of wool.  The way they were originally made.  Anyway, I have come across some really cute ones.  The ones in the first picture are from a bigcartel shop.  They are sold in euros, but if the shop accepts paypal, then I think you can pay with US dollars or anything else, and you’re good.  Just consult your paypal F.A.Q. to make sure, because I may be mistaken.  :)

The ones in the second picture are from an etsy shop, and I think they are a rather reasonable price, considering that they are 100% merino wool.



3.  vintage dishes.  Aren’t these cute?  All of them I saw on etsy in a shop that sells old ukrainian dishes and other vintage items.

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4.  Love&Toast Sugar Grapefruit handcreme.  I have used this before, and was a little sad when it ran out.  So grapefruity and delicious-smelling.  Plus it’s natural, so that’s a bonus.


What are you liking these days?


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