Things I Fancy – 11/24

1.  BOOK by FiftyThree & Moleskine

This is pretty cool.  I love Paper; it’s such an awesome, clean sketchbook app.  But the ability to have your Paper sketchbooks printed into moleskine books?  That’s really awesome.



2.  Tayasui Sketches

Another awesome sketch app; pretty similar to Paper.  However, Paper is only available for the iPad, and I have an iPod Touch.  So when I found this app, I was excited.  The only problem is that the eraser is not the same color as the “paper”.  This isn’t much of a problem though, if you just undo your mistakes.


3.  Bonlook

Bonlook is an awesome website that sells really cute, retro and hipster glasses and sunglasses.  It’s about time I got new glasses, so I think my next ones will be from Bonlook.  These are a few of my favorites:

76c43130dee246aec8b8fa5c17200c41 5a6643f4343a1783dbdb4df94f60fefa a0d4e9ebab32661d7c4bd3f6be1941cd 3fcfb839608fcc38749b229ea33d57e8

I just love this last pair! :)

What things take your fancy these days?


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