What Happened Over Christmas







Over Christmas, my family got together to hang out, go caroling, eat some really good food, open presents, and celebrate Christ’s birth.
In a nutshell, here are the highlights of the weekend:

(23rd, “Christmas Adam”)
In the evening we all met at some relatives’ house for soup and hors d’oeuvres, then went caroling at several houses.
We do this every year, and it’s pretty fun. We all sound pretty good together. :) Anyway, our family is so large in number that in the past, we would have to take a few cars and basically caravan to every place. That was pretty complicated, and took a while for everyone to get out of and back in the cars, etc. So my Grandpa for the past couple times rented a school bus so we could all ride together. It was pretty awesome.
It was super freezing though; possibly about -12 degrees.

(Christmas Eve)
We had a really good breakfast that consisted of muffins, egg bake, bacon and fruit, and then hung out. The uncles played Settlers of Catan, the kids played piano, Super Mario on the Wii, and whatever else kids like to do, and the women conversed often with one another. I took a few pictures and hung out with my sisters and female cousins. We watched a cheesy Hallmark Christmas special (those are the worst, acting-wise, but it’s fun to enjoy the cheese) and Sound of Music Live (what did you think of it? I personally did not like it. You can’t beat the good ol’ original one, in my opinion).

We had lunch, had our annual Christmas talent show (yeah, our family is pretty awesome that way), and sang a few Christmas carols. We had our Christmas dinner of tacos. During this, one of my uncles rigged up a virtual fireplace clip to the projector screen in the room (which was right above the real gas fireplace). It was pretty hilarious. We had birthday cake for Jesus, cleaned up from supper, and opened presents.
I got an iTunes gift card and a journal from Rifle Paper Co. I love it.


(Christmas Day)
Some of the family left, but the remaining relatives had lunch at my great-grandma’s house. There was smoked turkey, which I was excited about, along with other things. After that, we opened presents in her basement.
Then we had dessert and went home. And that was the end of the Christmas festivities.

That evening, my immediate family and a couple relatives had supper at my grandparents’, and watched Man of Steel. It was my first time seeing it, and I really liked it.

We had breakfast and went home.

It was a pretty awesome time.
How was yours?


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