These Days – 04/19

Hey everybody! Here’s a bit of what’s going on in my life these days.

I’m enjoying spring, warm weather and the sound of rain drumming on the roof and windows. One of my favorite sounds in the world. :)

Celebrating Jesus and His amazing love for me. Wow, He sacrificed Himself; died and bore my sin so that I could be reconciled to God and free from His wrath! And then He rose again, conquering death and sin! I am free because of what He has done for me! Forget the Easter bunny! Happy Easter tomorrow, everybody!

I saw Frozen last Sunday for the first time in forever (haha, get what I did there?), and it was clever. (By the way, I hope you happened to notice that Rapunzel and Eugene made it to the coronation, right?) I didn’t necessarily like the whole thing, but there were certain parts I really liked. I especially love the “Love is an Open Door” scene. I’ve been singing that song all the time these days. :)

I’ve been enjoying almond butter, smoothies, raspberries and homemade popsicles. God is so amazing that He made tastebuds and so many different flavors! Just today I made a popsicle that was literally just orange juice, coconut milk and honey, and it was really good.

What’s been going on with you these days?


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