Thoughts on Moriah Peters’ album “Brave”


I’ve been waiting so long for Moriah Peters’ second album, “Brave”, and it’s finally coming out July 15!  I am so excited!  But until then, you can listen to it for free on  It’s been on repeat over here.  It’s pretty awesome.

One thing I notice is that, contrary to her debut album “I Choose Jesus’, which was calm, slightly poppy and quasi Michael Buble-esque (I’m bad at genres, so bear with me here), this album is more pop/rock/80’s, probably due to the influence of her husband, Joel Smallbone of For King and Country.  I really like it though.  It’s really awesome.  :)

These are my favorite songs from the album:

To Leave It All Behind  –  Parts of this song sound kind of 80s-ish, which I think is pretty awesome.  :)


I’ll Wait For You  –  Okay.  This song.  She and Joel wrote it and sing it together, and it is seriously the cutest song ever.  I cried.

Stand Strong  –  “Blessed are the persecuted, blessed are the weak and wounded // This is our song  /  stand, stand strong”

Give Me Jesus  –  Her take on the classic hymn





P.S. I’ve been really busy with my job and with friends these days (seriously, I have the best job ever! I love it), so I’m not planning to be blogging very much this summer. So until next time, farewell, my readers! Enjoy your summer!


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