Life at Camp

Hey everybody! So during the summer I have been (and still am) working in the kitchen at a Christian camp. This camp is my favorite place in the world. I basically grew up here as a kid, and have been working here for the past couple summers. It’s seriously the best summer job ever. :)  The people here are so amazing, and so many priceless memories have been made.

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Some of my favorite things about camp are:

Sitting on the dock. That’s the best place to read my Bible, pray, or just think about things.  It’s the perfect place to spend your afternoon, get a tan, hang with friends and just peoplewatch.  :)



The sunsets. This camp is not one of those woodsy, rustic camps. There aren’t a large number of trees, so one can see pretty much the whole sky. I have seen some of the most beautiful clouds and sunsets here.




The people. Some of the most hilarious, sweet, God-loving, awesome people work here, and I am more than blessed to be able to spend every day with them. :)


Writing on the whiteboard. Outside the dining hall, there’s a whiteboard, and I write the menu for every meal. It’s pretty fun. Sometimes little kids come up, crowd around me and try to guess what I’m writing, or sometimes we just have little conversations that usually consist of “Have you been enjoying camp so far?” or “Who are your counselors?”




War Games. This is our legendary game that we play during the Junior High and Senior High weeks. It’s like a very epic rendition of capture the flag, We dress up crazily (think wacky thrift store clothes, ugly sweaters, wigs, and leggings), and take a couple school buses to a different location (usually a very woodsy park with lots of weeds and tall grass). The length of the game all depends on which team finds the hidden Bible and flag, which are worth a large number of points. If they find it, the game is over. This summer there has been one game that lasted about 20 minutes, and one that lasted over an hour. It was pretty ridiculous.

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Skit Night. On Friday evenings we have skit night. Every cabin comes up with a skit, and performs it for everybody. Skit Nights are kind of set up like Saturday Night Live or something like that. Besides skits, there are random games, and the showing of that week’s camp video. It’s one thing I look forward to every week.

The gluten free blueberry muffins.


So there’s a taste of what I’ve been doing this summer!  Now off I go to eat lunch!

God bless,



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