Life at College, and What God Has Been Teaching Me

These past few days here at college have been really good.  In the midst of all the stress and problems in everyday day life, God has been teaching me to lean on Him, to trust Him; He’s got everything under control.  He’s also been teaching me to take thoughts captive, to not worry, but to lean on His truths.  It’s been a good process.  A tough one, but a good one.  In the midst of all the homework (which can be hectic sometimes!  I mean, I just finished a synthesis essay on the the two Natures of Christ, as seen through biblical, systematic and historical theology.  The learning process was good – I got much insight from my classmates – but it was a hard paper to write!) and problems in everyday life, God has been showing me that He is for me; He’s on my side, and He will give me the strength to accomplish what He’s given me to do.

Looking back to the day before I came here, I was sitting outside with my Bible and journal, and praying, Lord, what do you have for me in this upcoming season of life?  I asked God that He would use this season of life to grow in the knowledge of Him, and that He would bless me with some awesome brothers- and sisters-in-Christ.  Before going to college, Christian community was a bit hard to come by for me, and I longed for it so badly.

Well, that day (and even during orientation, when all the faces I saw were new and unfamiliar) I had NO IDEA what God had in store for me!  God went above and beyond my expectations.  He gave me such a wealth of friends; brothers that are solid in their faith, mature, and yet have the most hilarious personalities; sisters that are also solid in faith, loving, and super fun.  A good handful of us get together often, and we always have an awesome time.  We have jam sessions.  (I only sing and attempt to harmonize, and if there’s a percussion instrument, I give it a try.)   We go to parks to play frisbee, or play games like “Signs” and “Psychiatrist”.  We study together and wrestle with various theological topics (such as Creation views).  We even imitate each others’ accents sometimes.  ;)  They are all such an answer to prayer, and I love them all so much.

Another answer to that prayer is that God definitely has been growing me in my knowledge of Him.  Not only has He been strengthening my faith; He also has been showing me more and more every day of how GREAT He is, how this event in history was paving the way for that event, etc.  God is SO amazing.  I can’t believe that every day I get to go to this school; that God provided a way for me to be here.  Besides that, my vocabulary is definitely expanding.  Before coming here, I had no idea what “coherent”, “hermeneutics”, or “exegesis” meant.  Now when I talk to my family about what I’ve been learning, I sound like a professor.  It’s kind of fun.  :)

These days, God has been giving me so many glimpses of how much He loves me – through simple things like the intricacy of a flower, a theology lesson, a friend offering me their jacket when I was shivering, a song, waking up to a sunny morning, my roommate bringing me a cup of tea.  God is just so amazing.

Have a good rest of the week!

God bless,



One thought on “Life at College, and What God Has Been Teaching Me

  1. So good to hear you talk about your college days and how God is very real to you and how he takes good care of you. I am curious how the weekend retreat went. Praising God for you!

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