Thankfulness Blog Series

I tend to be a worrier, regrettably.  I way overthink things sometimes.  It’s a habit that I’m, relying on God’s strength, doing my best to break.  Sometimes in order to not go down the road of negativity, I think of things I am thankful for, and thank God for them.  Someone told me, “You can either worry, or worship.”  I’d personally rather worship God for all the good things he’s done in my life, than imagine what possibly could go wrong.  Such a scenario happened today.  I found myself worrying, and was like, wait!  these thoughts are not true!  I’m going to focus on what IS true, and what is good.  So I decided to write a list of things I am thankful for.  Which then made me think, this might make a good blog series – “Thankfulness”!  Everyone can use a little gratitude in their lives, am I right?  I mean, with everything God has generously blessed us with, why not give glory to Him through our enjoyment of what He’s given us?  So here goes.  This is my first list of things I am very grateful to God for.

1.  Fall.  I do love fall.  It’s probably my favorite season.  Summer is nice too, but it can get awfully hot and humid.  I like a bit of chilliness; not the below-zero freezing that winter brings, but just the right amount of cold that a person can wear jeans, sweaters and boots without sweating.  I’m talking around 50 degrees fahrenheit.  Yeah.  That kind of weather.  I love the colors of the leaves, the smell of the air, being able to drink tea all the time (now that I finally have a thermos, I can do that more often), things that smell and taste pumpkin-y and cinnamon-y, apples that actually taste good, campfires, plaid flannel shirts, and hot cider.  Ahhhh yeah.

2.  Friends.  I’m so thankful for the friendships I have.

3.  Music.  I’m so glad God made ears, and sounds, and people with creativity to make amazing things out of sounds!  Music can be really good for the soul.  My taste in music has definitely changed over the years.  I always have been a Jason Gray fan.  My first CD was an album of Keith and Kristyn Getty.  My first iTunes purchase was an album by the Afters.  I went through phases where I liked certain songs that now I am embarrassed to admit that I once liked.  These days after trying so hard, I’ve finally come to appreciate indie folk,  and have been listening to other genres, such as classical (Mozart, Chopin, Bach, Pride & Prejudice soundtrack…yes), jazz (for nostalgic purposes – my dad loves jazz, and listening to certain albums takes me back to my childhood) and  spanish flamenco music.  Yup.  Haha.  But I won’t touch easy listening.  Not my cup of tea.  :)

4.  Chivalry.  There just isn’t enough of it in this society.  Oh, this society, where most men are lazy and weak, and women are aggressive and proud… but that’s a different topic.  When one of my male friends opens the door for me, gives me their chair or offers me their jacket when they can tell that I’m shivering, I feel really blessed by that, and respected.

5.  Creativity.  We are made in the image of God, and one thing that we possess that God also does is creativity.  I just love that.  God gave us a world of possibilities, and the mind to do with them whatever we can dream up.  You know that feeling of satisfaction after drawing a sketch, writing a piece of literature, or accomplishing a project that meant very much to you?  That is a reflection of the way God felt when He finished creating the earth (Genesis 1:31).

6.  Victory in Christ.  We are sinners; we deserve death.  But God, because He loved us so much, He sent His only Son to this earth to receive the punishment for our sins, by dying on a cross.  But death had no victory over Him, He rose again; He’s alive!  And now through Him we are free from our sins, if we believe in Him and trust in what He did for us!  In Him, we are no longer slaves to our sins.  We can come to Him and ask Him for forgiveness, and He WILL forgive us!  Guilt and shame can be replaced by freedom!  (Romans 6:23, John 3:16, 1 John 1:9, Romans 8)

7.  Sunlight.  There’s something about waking up to a sunny morning.

8.  Laughter.

9.  Food.  God did not have to give us tastebuds.  He could have made the practice sustaining ourselves a very bland and dull experience, but instead he decided to make it enjoyable.

10.  Love.  I love love.  And I’m not talking romantic love.  I’m talking the kind of love that makes people feel special and… loved.  The kind that actually comes from loving Christ, and knowing His love for us.  We love because He first loved us (1 John 4:19).  That’s the best kind of love there is.  The kind that can be expressed in a hug, a friendly text message, a smile, a “how are you doing today?”, an act of kindness, anything.

That’s only ten of probably thousands of things.  I’ll continue the list in my next “Thankfulness” post.  What are some things you’re thankful for?

God bless,



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