These Past Few Weeks

Hey guys!  It has been busy these past few weeks…


I recently had the pleasure of going to the Art of Celebration Tour and got to see and hear Rend Collective, Moriah Peters and Urban Rescue!  It was so awesome!  Moriah opened with a few of her songs, followed by Urban Rescue, and lastly Rend Collective.  It was so awesome, singing at the top of our lungs, dancing around, praising God.  :)  Afterwards I saw Moriah Peters hanging around her merch table, talking to people, autographing CDs, etc.  I got to talk to her and get a selfie with her (meeting her has been a dream of mine for quite a while).  So that was fun.  She is so sweet.

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I’ve been enjoying everything about fall: apple cider, squash, the chilliness in the air, the colorful leaves, wearing sweaters, wool socks and boots… everything.


Obviously, I’ve been really busy with school.  Though it at times can be super hectic and stressful, it’s been so amazing learning everything that I have been.  Basically we’re going through the whole Bible, and studying God’s story of redemption, starting with Creation, followed by Noah, Abraham, and Moses.  Our last class was on the book of Deuteronomy.  As I’m learning all of this and getting a broader view of the big picture, I am just so mind-blown.  God is such a loving God.  Wow.  I’ve been writing a few essays on Creation, the date of the Exodus, and Old Testament Law.  Essays aren’t my favorite thing, but the feeling you have after turning it in is really satisfying.  After writing our essays, we are required to read them out loud to two people (preferably classmates, though others also count) before turning them in.  I really like this, because it’s really helpful to hear feedback from others and find how my writing can improve, and also familiarize myself with other styles of writing from others’ essays.

But even with all the studying, there’s still time to hang out and have fun.  Last night I and some of my classmates walked to a nearby ice cream shop, then walked around the city for a while.  It was really fun.  Two of my friends and I walked around outside a theatre (while the rest walked home), where there were huge images of famous playwrights, and plaques near them containing a short bio about each one.  One friend and I took turns reading them out loud in british accents, and acted as though we were giving a tour.  It was pretty entertaining.

Also, God is teaching me to trust him, through all the stress, the sleep-deprivation, the times when the fridge is almost empty but no one can give me a ride to the grocery store that day, and when I’m feeling anxious.  He’s always provided at the right time, and He always will.  He is SO GOOD.

So basically that’s it!  Until next time!

God bless,

Madeline :)


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