Potatoes, Cockleburs & Barn Dancing

So today my college hosted a fall party for all the students, faculty, and their families.  It was so fun.  It was held at a beautiful farm.  There was a baked potato bar, hayrides, a bonfire, and barn dancing.  It was perfect in every way.

When I got there, I first hung out with my friend Emma.  We decided to go for a little walk around the farm.  As we had just gotten there, not much was happening just yet.  We walked down a path into a little wooded area, and out into a fenced field, where there were lots of weeds and wildflowers.  We discussed classic, girly novels like Pride & Prejudice and anything by Louisa May Alcott, along with a few other things.  All was going well until I accidentally happened upon a thick patch of cockleburs.  Not the huge, round kind, but the smaller kind that are a little bigger than flax seeds.  They were all over me. Seriously, I hit their favorite hangout spot or something, and they all were attracted to my synthetic-material floral dress and leggings.  So Emma and I got to work picking them off of me.  It took a good few minutes at least.  We both were apologizing right and left.  We were like, “Well, at least we’ll have a good story to tell someday!  ‘Remember that one time when Madeline walked through a bunch of cockleburs?'”  Eventually we got about 98% of them off of me, and we walked back to where everyone else was.

Then another one of my friends, Chase, and I hung out for a while.  We commented on how amazing the place was and talked about many different things, all the while avoiding the stray frisbees.  I was able to talk this whole evening, thanks be to God.  I’ve somewhat regained my voice, but I sound, according to Chase, like a “preppy cheerleader”.  He kept teasing me about it.  Haha.  My cheerleader (or even chainsmoker) voice was pretty embarrassing, but I didn’t let it stop me from talking.  (YOLO.)  Then we all ate potatoes and discussed foreign languages, middle names and ghost peppers (let’s just say two of my classmates were recently feeling brave).  I almost went on a hayride, but decided not to.

Processed with VSCOcam with se2 preset

Soon a few friends and I went up to the barn to watch the dancing.  The barn was decorated all over with Christmas lights.  It was really pretty.  I wasn’t sure yet whether or not I was going to dance, so I just watched for a few minutes.  Then one of the seniors walked up to me and asked if I would like to dance. I politely turned him down at first, but then I thought to myself, come on, Madeline, you don’t just chicken out like that… do it.  So I took him up on his offer, and we square danced.  And though I was horrible at first and got confused between “do-si-do” and “promenade”, tripped over someone’s feet, and accidentally let go of my corner’s hand two or three times (sorry Austin), I improved over time, and it was great fun.  I had to take breaks every now and then between dances when I felt signs of overheatedness (it happens easily, regrettably), so during those times I just watched and recorded some video.  Then as soon as I felt better, I would get back out there, grab a new partner, and keep on dancing.  We did square dancing, line dancing, circle dancing (is that what you call it? ha), some Irish dance that was rather complicated, and even some non-hoedown, dance floor kind of stuff.  Haha.  It was SO much fun.

After the dancing, the party was over, and I and a few others left in one of the vans.  It was about 8:15, and we were all tired and probably really sweaty.  (I definitely was.)  We had a really good discussion on the way back, about our classes, what we’ve been learning so far, our heavy workloads, and which past lectures were our favorite.

Yup.  It was a VERY good day.  :)


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