First Snow.

As I lay there in bed, having just woken up by a rather strange dream, I turned over and tried to go back to sleep.  Then suddenly—oh joy!—I remembered that yesterday it was said that there would be snow today.  Reaching for my phone, I checked the weather app to see if it was true.  According to the weather app, it was.  But we all know that weather apps often disappoint.  I had to see with my own eyes: WAS it literally snowing?  Excitedly, I climbed down the ladder of my loft and hastened to the window.  And…

…it was.

The ground was covered in a layer of white.  It was as if the whole earth had been dusted generously with powdered sugar.  By the glow of the streetlamps (it was so early that the sun had not risen yet) I could see the fine powder falling softly, and gusts of wind made visible by it.  The world seemed so calm and serene.  As I just sat there, staring out the window and taking it all in, I prayed, thank you GOD.  I had been waiting for this to happen ever since the last leaves had fallen.  With happiness I anticipated the short walk to class, hoping that it would still be snowing by the time I would walk out the door.  Joy pumped through my soul as I kept telling myself, “it’s snowing… it’s actually snowing!”  I wanted to play some Christmas music.  I unlocked my door to the deck and walked out.  It was so perfectly quiet out, and under my moccassin-ed feet I could hear and feel that all-too-familiar crunch. I scooped up some of the snow with my hands… ah yes… hello, snow.  It’s been too long.

Thank you, God.

IMG_2878 IMG_2879


3 thoughts on “First Snow.

  1. Love this…checking to see if its snowing outside via an iPhone app. Lol, then double checking the app by getting out of bed to verify.

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