First Semester: Done.

Hey everybody! Today was our very last day of finals. As soon as I had completed my last exam, and walked out of class to join the others who had finished, I wanted to yell for joy. I was DONE. No more classes, no more intense reading, no more essays to write or facts to memorize. I am free to rest now.

And yet being done with the first semester is very bittersweet. Along with it being the last day of school, today was also the day I said goodbye to many good friends. Of course, it will only be a month before I see them again, but I will miss their smiles, their humor, their awesome personalities. These people have become very dear to me. Before coming to this college, I had no idea what God had in store for me concerning the amazing friendships I would make. At the orientation day, when I looked around at all the strange new faces that belonged to the people who would be my classmates, I thought, getting to know all these people is going to take forever. But it didn’t. Many of us became fast friends within the first couple weeks. Looking forward to being reunited with them next semester.

Along with not seeing these people for a month, I also will miss many other things, including the classes—mainly the exegetical ones. I have loved seeing how the Old Testament all plays out, from the creation of the world, to the fall, to the setting apart of Israel, to all the rebellion and exile in between, and the faithfulness of God through it all in His promise of a Messiah. God is AMAZING. It’s so cool how He has given us His Word (think of it… His very words!), and that we can study it and grow in the knowledge of how AWESOME He is! And next semester we will be focusing on the New Testament, seeing how the promises have come true! Can’t wait. :)

I’m really looking forward to the break ahead of me; it will be nice to finally be able to relax a bit. However, I want to make every intention not to waste this break. I want to use every minute for God’s glory. A few of my classmates and I are going to do a challenge where we read the Old Testament in a month to concrete everything we learned so far. It should be fun.

Now off I go to enjoy myself. Until later!

God bless,


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