I Don’t Want To Waste My Break

These past few days God has been teaching me a lot of things, including patience and being thankful, no matter the circumstance.  I still have two weeks left of winter break, which is awesome.  However, as one of my friends said today, “you can only bum around for so long”.  I feel like life these days has been a little monotonous, just because, well, there’s not much for me to do.  I have no work, so I’m a little bored.  I’m ready to start school; I’ve been longing for the college life again.  I miss all my friends, most of whom are still out of state.  I miss their smiles, their humor, their personalities… them.  I miss those late nights when my roommates and I have a few friends over to study, and the delightful smell of coffee lingers in the atmosphere.  I miss our apartment.  I miss going to class Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; hearing the Word being unpacked and getting my mind blown time and again over the awesomeness of God.  I miss the Thursday chapel sessions.  I miss wrestling with complicated topics together with my classmates.  I almost miss the biweekly synthesis essays.  I miss that glorious, accomplished feeling of having accomplished something.  And yes, I even miss all the reading.  And in thinking longingly about all of this, I can tend to be discontented about where I am right now.  But no.  Instead of looking on this momentary season with a negative outlook, I should make the most of it.  I should enjoy all the grace God has for me in this time. I get to be at home with my family, whom I love to death.  I get to be there for the funny things they do and say.  I get to eat my mom’s cooking every day (this is a treat after having to cook for myself for so long).  I get to do fun, leisurely things, such as drawing and writing whatever I want (i.e. anything other than papers) to my hearts content.

So… in my excitement for this upcoming next semester, I don’t want to let myself miss out on what God has for me right now: rest and time with my family.  I want to enjoy these next two weeks, because soon enough I will be busy again.  :)



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