Dear Former Freshmen

Dear former fellow freshmen,

It’s over… year one of college.  Can you believe it?  It all flew by so quickly.  And what a year it was.  It seems as though just yesterday I was looking around at all your faces during orientation, and only saw 27 strangers.  I thought it would take forever to get to know you all, but not so.  Before long you “strangers” became very close, dear friends to me.  I have so many fun memories of all the things we did over the year – playing ultimate frisbee at night, then taking a walk in the rain to Starbucks (only to find it closed).  Or playing countless rounds of “Signs”, “Psychiatrist”, ” The Fishbowl Game”, and “The Dreams Game” (good times!).  Or the time when, one rainy day, I had hurried into the student lounge from the library, a little bit wet and in a hustle to get my paper turned in, and one of you was concerned and asked if I was “going to be okay”.  (Apparently the combination of my wet appearance and hurried nature made me appear just a little bit crazy – but I wasn’t; just a little stressed.  Haha.)  Or that one time when a few of us went to that one ice cream shop where they served RIDICULOUS amounts of ice cream, and I was the only girl.  (It was fun watching you guys trying to get it all down.)  Or all those little debates concerning how to pronounce certain words (“bag” vs. “bayg”, “pillow” vs. “pellow”).  Or that one time when 5 of us walked around the city, taking turns closing our eyes and being led around: “okay, you’re approaching a mailbox; let’s go toward the left a little” or “we’re coming up to a curb”.  Or that leaf fight a few of us had, one warm October day.  Or the study groups we had, when we would fit 11 or 12 people into our living room/dining room area, and more talking than studying was done for the most part.  Or the jam sessions every Thursday that we did for a while during the first semester.  Those were fun.  Or the time when we went ice skating and I fell, spraining my left arm and tailbone.  (It took a long time to fully heal.)  Not to mention all the funny things you said, and the inside jokes that happened between us.  I may be just a little bit biased, but I think we have the best class ever.

We learned SO much in just one year: from Genesis and the creation views, to ancient near eastern history (“Shalmaneser Three, he washed his sword in the sea…”), to the Old Testament and the foreshadowings of Christ, to various world religions, to Greek literature and philosophy, to the New Testament, to Roman history, to early church history.  We covered a lot of ground.  And while at times it was hard to keep on top of everything, and was quite an endeavor sometimes to trust the LORD and stay calm rather than stress out, I think those near-crazy moments brought us a whole lot closer to each other; we saw the best and the worst in each other, and learned to forgive, serve, encourage, love and build each other up during those seemingly-impossible days.  I, for one, feel very encouraged by you.

And now look – all those hectic, late nights of studying (I’m not complaining) were worth it.  We pressed on, and made it to the end of our very first year.  Congratulations.  I’m praying that the LORD will bless you all richly this summer, and bring you all even closer to Him.  I’m going to miss you terribly, and am looking forward to, God willing, being back together with you this fall.



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