Rejoice With Others.


“Rejoice with those who rejoice” – Romans 12:15a

So often I am prone to look at the things or pleasant circumstances that God has given to others, and think, “Why haven’t I been blessed with these things?” This is NOT the right way to think. As if I deserved ANYTHING! I have become aware how, very sadly, looking at someone else’s life with jealousy can cause bitter feelings toward THEM if I’m not careful. And I want to be careful that I do not adopt this ungodly way of thinking. As we know from reading the Bible, studying history, or even looking at our own pasts, we know that bitter feelings have the possibility of turning into hatred. What!? A simple “I wish I had”, when not taken captive, can turn into a monster of “You have this thing that I don’t, therefore I don’t like you”. Jealousy CAN sever close friendships… DON’T give Satan that opportunity! We must NOT let desire for a thing, circumstance, etc. turn into dislike for a person whom God has chosen to bless with such a thing! We should be on our guard so as not to let this happen; to recognize feelings of jealousy when they come, and stop them as soon as they enter our minds—No, I will not think that way. God, thank you for blessing this person with this thing! Teach me to rejoice with them, and not covet their lot, or be discontent about mine! We must learn to be content, even if God has decided not to give us something that He has willed to give someone we know. That’s just fine. If you know people in your life who are living the life you wish you could live, or have talent that you lack, or whatever, REJOICE WITH THEM! Be happy that God has blessed them in such a way!  And if you find it hard, ask God to change your heart! God has a plan for each of us, and He has given each what they need according to His plan. It is likely that the reason He has decided not to give us everything we desire is to teach us contentment, and that He is enough. Be thankful. Rejoice with others. =)


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