Well everybody, I’m done with my 3rd semester of college.  And it feels so good.  I can hardly believe that I survived another semester.  It was really hard, but SO good; I learned so much.  When I was studying for my final interviews yesterday and today (instead of taking final exams, we have smaller exams throughout the semester, and then two 30-minute interviews with our cohort leader at the very end), it was so cool to look back and refresh on everything I learned.  This morning when I walked in to the classroom and sat down with my professor for my last interview, he said, “Well, Madeline, you’re 30 minutes away from freedom!”  When the 30 minutes were up, that wonderful feeling rushed over me of I don’t have any more assignments.  I’m free to do whatever I want.  WOOHOO!  I was pretty ecstatic for the next couple of hours.  =)

FYI, when I say “freedom”, I don’t mean that this semester was drudgery.  There were definitely very hard moments, and those were not fun, but they were definitely good for me, and I’ve learned a lot through those moments.  All that work, the sweat and tears and late nights and frustration (as well as the work that was more pleasurable, of course) was so worth it.  Because of it all, I have a greater knowledge of so many things, including but not limited to church history, European history and Greek.  It’s so nice to finally be able to know these things.  Besides the academic side of this semester, I made so many memories, and the friendships I’ve made during my 1st semester have gotten so much sweeter as we encouraged each other through the difficulties, laughed about things like ridiculous songs and strange words and Calvinist memes, had deep conversations, went on little excursions and field trips, and tried to be productive on those Tuesday study group nights, when 20 students would try to crowd into our house.  Often during this semester I would think nostalgically about last year and how much time we had to do more of those things, back when we all lived on campus or near enough to get together often, and take walks downtown or watch movies or have jam sessions.  But now that I think about it, though distance and a heavier schedule made us less social this semester, the times that we did get together were really sweet.  Overall, it was a great semester, and I’m happy to have a break.

So now I have 3 weeks to do whatever I want.  Wow, what a gift!  How am I planning to use all this time I have on my hands?  Well, I’m hoping to…

  • increase my knowledge in the field of language.  That means keeping up on Greek vocab, continuing my leisurely study of French, and reviewing Polish.  Today when I got home I laid in bed to “nap” and checked my social media and stuff on my phone.  I happened to notice my neglected Duolingo app, and decided hey!  I should learn a language during break, or refresh my memory on one I’ve studied before!  I found that Duolingo now offers a Polish course, and I started working on that.  I’ve taken Polish for two years, but then once I completed the Rosetta Stone course, I forgot a lot of it.  Now I can relearn it… and I think I like Duolingo a lot better than Rosetta Stone.  It’s definitely a different method of language-learning, but it’s free, and plus the app design is way more pleasing to the eye. I’m kind of choosy when it comes to design, I confess.  =)
  • cook.  Like, actually cook.  During the busyness of school, I would cook VERY simply.  Now I can have more fun in the kitchen and make more complex things, while not having to remember to leave enough time for homework.
  • draw.  I would every once in a while take “sanity breaks” and draw something when I couldn’t study any longer.  I wished I had more time to do it more often though, and spend as much time on it as I please.  Now I can.
  • read.  It’s funny how reading so much can cause you to desire to read even during a break.  Only I won’t necessarily be reading European history. ;)  Nah, a few books I’m hoping to read are Pride & Prejudice, An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott, Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion (which I regrettably didn’t have time to read this semester, and was really bummed about that), and I’ll probably re-read Augustine’s Confessions.  And besides that, spend a whole lot of time in the Bible.  I need that.  I wish I could have had more time to do that this past semester.
  • be more social.  Like I said, I wish I could have been more social during school.  Maybe I can have more time to get together with friends now.  =)
  • do more things for others.  =)
  • write.

Whatever I end up doing during my break, I just want to make sure that I avoid frittering away time on things of little importance, and use my time for God’s glory and for my and others’ edification.  =)



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