“Missing Out” & What I Learned

Isn’t how ridiculous how easily annoyed or disappointed we can get over the most insignificant things?  Something doesn’t go the way we want it to, and we let it ruin the day.  It’s so stupid!  I regret to say that today started out with one of those instances…

I woke up at around 9-ish and kept sleeping in until about 9:45.  I checked my phone for a little bit, and then snoozed a little while longer (sleeping in is one of the luxuries of being on break!), until I was woken up by my phone, notifying me that I had gotten a text.  It was from one of my housemates, saying that she and a couple other friends were going to Starbucks at 10, and asking whether or not I wanted to come.  I then realized that it was 10:21.  Shoot.  Too late.  It couldn’t be helped; I would be staying home.  Which really isn’t a big deal.  I could have thought, Shucks, oh well, there’s always another time, and moved on, but I am sorry to say that I made the horrible choice of giving into self-pity.  Maybe my not-fully-awake brain was partially to blame for this (everything is a whole lot more dramatic when I’m either not fully awake, or tired), but only by a little bit; it was primarily my selfish sinful nature that was the culprit for this ridiculousness.  Thoughts like these started going through my head: I can’t believe I missed a chance to hang out with my friends.  This break has been so lonely and boring; I’ve barely gotten to have any time for socializing.  This is so NOT okay.  I was pretty miffed – obviously not at my friends, of course, but just miffed at… well, the way things had turned out; the situation I was in.

Then God convicted me.  I was acting childishly about this whole thing.  If anything ever was “so NOT okay”, it was my attitude.  Without actually realizing it, I was being grumpy toward God for his deciding to have me “miss out” on some social time, instead of being fine with it and moving on.  So I’ll be staying home?  That’s not that big of a deal.  I shouldn’t be so selfish.  After asking him to forgive me and to change my heart, I was then able to enjoy those next few hours alone – reading my Bible, praying, doing a little bit of journaling/lettering, eating some homemade blueberry ice cream and listening to music.

Anyway, what I want to take away from this embarrassing little story is this: when things go differently for us than we would prefer, instead of letting it get us in a bad mood and focusing on what we are missing out on, or how things could have gone, we should rather embrace the situations God places us in, from faith.  It could be that God has something for you in not being able to do that one thing that you want to do… maybe some serious grace that you would have missed out on otherwise.  At any rate, accepting disappointments (whether significant, or in this case, not so significant) with a good attitude, from faith, is definitely a good habit to form.  Anyway.  Just a little lesson I learned today. Haha.



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