He Must Increase.

If one of your hopes were dashed to pieces…

If a plan of yours did not turn out as you would have liked…

If you discovered the news that a dream of yours could never become reality… 

…what would your reaction be?  

Would you ask God “why did you do this to me”?  

Would you curse him?  (Please say no.)

Or would you bless him, even though it’s disappointing and you don’t know at the moment why he allowed this to happen?

For a while I had a certain dream.  But soon I started to see that maybe God had something different in mind.  So I gave this dream to him. Lord, let your will be done.  It kept looking like it wouldn’t happen.  Lord, if it would be your will, I would love for this to happen.  However, let your will be done.  I soon found that this dream would likely not come to pass.  

Was I disappointed?  I sure was.  I must have cried a pint of tears.

But was I angry at him?  Not at all.

Disheartening news comes.  Disappointments happen.  Dreams and plans vanish into nothing.  But the longer I live, the more I realize that this life is not my own.  I have surrendered my life to God – dreams and all.  It is his to use as he pleases, for his glory.  And that does not in the least bit make me a pawn on the game board of a cruel tyrant, but rather a child who has resolved to obey to her dad, out of love and respect for him.  God, my loving heavenly Dad, has an awesome plan for me, his daughter – a plan better than I can imagine.  I don’t know what it is yet, but I do know that “for those who love God all things work together for good (Rom 8:28)”.  Apparently my dream was not a part of his awesome plan.  But I’m learning to accept that.  It is not wrong for me to have dreams and desires, but I must learn to hold them loosely and be willing to give them up for he who is greater and who knows what is good for me better than I do.  Even more than I want all my hopes to become reality, I want God to be glorified.  And if him being glorified through me costs me one of those dreams, I want to be willing to give it up.  Because he matters most to me.  “He must increase, I must decrease (John 3:30).”

Lord, let your will be done.  


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