It’s Murder.

In opposition to the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade which is tomorrow, I have decided to write on the evil of abortion.  I am aware that many may find this post quite offensive, but truth can often be offensive.  Of course, I will do my best to be as gracious as I can, because I do not in any way intend to be rude.  But the truth is that when an abortion happens, a child dies.  A life ends.  A human ceases to live.  I’m not going to mince words here: abortion is murder.  It is evil and horrible and must be stopped.

Every life – even the life of the unborn, even the life of babies that result from terrible tragedies such as rape (which, don’t get me wrong, is absolutely awful)  – every life is precious and should live.  From the very start, it is a new life, it is a soul, it is a person.  That child has a potential future ahead of him and a personality.  He or she could possibly change the world.  Anyway, life is priceless.  Why do many treat it like trash?

Abortionists like to use lingo that makes that tiny little child sound less than a human: “fetus”, “tissue”, and the like.  They make it sound as though the procedure of abortion is nothing more than getting one’s appendix removed.  But even though that baby is connected to the woman by the umbilical cord, it is not part of her.  It is a separate person.  However, abortionists want to shove that reality under the rug and ignore it.  Their consciences very well know that they are killing people for a living, but by calling their victims (the aborted children) such demeaning terms, they are choosing to ignore what they know.  Their consciences are seared.  It is heartbreaking.

You guys, abortion is awful.  It makes me sad and angry and frustrated, I can’t even describe my feelings about it.  America is all about protecting the lives and rights of citizens… well, what about the unborn citizens?  We are angered when we hear the terrible news about all the shootings that are going on these days, and all the terrorism, but many hardly think twice about the mass-murder silently going on within the walls of Planned Parenthood.  And speaking of which, the selling of baby parts?  It is all just satanic.  Seriously.  I could never bring myself to watch any of those PP videos that have leaked their way onto the internet, but I have heard stories of what was said and shown in them, and it just makes me want to cry.  Once I saw a picture of two, tiny, bloody, severed hands in a mess of gore… I was scarred.  This infuriates me, you guys.  America, WAKE UP.  Wake up to the fact that by allowing abortion to be legal, you are allowing murder to be committed within your borders.  This is no less awful than racism or the shootings or terrorism or any of the other many disasters in the world: this too is a tragedy that must be ended stat.  And just as we protest against any other disaster, we must take a stand for the tiny, helpless unborn who are being murdered by the thousands each year.  This mass-murder has got to stop.  Life is precious.  Protect it.  Defend it.  Don’t end it.


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