Same Blog, Same Focus, New Name

As you may have noticed, my blog looks completely different than it did yesterday morning.  I gave it a new name and a different theme.

Why the new name?  Glad you asked.  I didn’t really like “and the girl wrote” very much after a while.  The unnecessary conjunction “and” was bugging me, and so was all the past tense business.  In short, it just didn’t suit me.  It was too random.  I’ve been wanting to change it for a while, but could not think of a good replacement until just yesterday.

I renamed it “Myriads of Blessings” when I realized a theme that was going on in my blog posts, about God and all the ways he has blessed me – first and foremost through the Gospel, and secondly through the people he’s brought into my life, the lessons he’s taught me (even through painful, difficult scenarios), the things he’s created that I get to enjoy (and through enjoying them, enjoy HIM)… you get the picture.  So I decided on a name based on this focus.  According to the dictionary app on my Mac, “myriad” means “a countless or extremely great number”.  Perfect.  There are so many ways in which I’ve been blessed that I don’t even deserve… I can’t count them all, there are myriads of them!  Also, I sort of borrowed the name from the title of my “thankfulness notebook” that I’ve mentioned recently, which I’ve titled “Myriads of Graces”.  For the blog, I changed “graces” to “blessings” after looking up the definition of “grace” and not being sure if the plural word, “graces”, was grammatically correct.  So there you go.  The thought process and meaning behind the name.

Here’s to more numbering of the myriads and myriads of God’s wonders in the near future.

Happy Tuesday.  Time for me to get some Greek done.



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