Thankful. 3/18

Today I’m thankful for:

  • Rainy days.  They’re very comforting.
  • Chamomile tea with a little milk and honey.
  • When you hope something will come to pass, and you keep finding evidence that it may.
  • Pale pink & burgundy together.
  • Old quilts.
  • Getting a letter from a friend.
  • Writing a letter to a friend.
  • Pride and Prejudice soundtrack.
  • Classical music.  (The relaxing kind, not the nerve-stimulating kind.)
  • Being a part of a small group.
  • Getting together with my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray and worship the LORD together.  It’s like a glimpse of eternity.
  • Days where I have time to relax.
  • Ranunculuses (a really pretty type of flower.  Look it up.)
  • Spring break, which starts this evening.  Woohoo!

What are you thankful for?

Happy weekend!



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