I thought it would be fun to have a monthly post series dedicated to music I’ve been enjoying.  Because who doesn’t love to find a good song?  So with that, here is the first of the #MonthlyMusicPost series, where I post 10 songs that I’ve been enjoying.

Here are 10 songs that I’m currently loving:

1.)  I Know I Need You – Ryan Ellis

This song.  It’s so incredibly catchy.  It’s a Christian song, though it might not be obvious if you don’t listen to it knowing that right off the bat.  It’s all about how we desperately need God.


2.)  This Fire – Ben Rosenbush & The Brighton


3.)  Like The Dawn – The Oh Hellos


4.)  We Are Brave – Shawn McDonald


5.)  Never Stop – Urban Rescue

These guys have toured with Rend Collective twice, and I love their music.  This song especially.


6.)  Lion’s Den – Holly Ann


7.)  Dear Sophie – Tim Halperin

This song is so cute.  I heard the guy wrote it for his infant niece.  Aww.


8.)  I’m Alive – Brother Daniel


9.)  Far Kingdom – The Gray Havens

I love The Gray Havens – their lyrics are so poetic, and filled with allegories that communicate biblical truths, while their style of music is perfectly singer-songwritery.  (Sometimes I’m not good at writing reviews, haha – I could never be a professional critic.)


10.)  This My Soul – The Gray Havens

A song about death in Adam, and life in Christ.


Stay tuned for the next #MonthlyMusicPost!  (I sound like a TV guy, haha.)


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