But I can pray.

My dear friend,

I grieve when I think about all that you’re going through.

Your words weigh heavy with despair,

While you are trying to hang on to the truth;

Trying to convince yourself

That through all of this, God is still good.

Trying to be brave, to be strong, to endure.

And as you sit beside me and the tears fall heavily

As you tell me how it’s hard to face each day,

How you have to tell yourself at night how loved you are,

How peace is so hard to come by,

Can you see in my eyes the sorrow I feel for you?

Can you see these tears welling up, and though I can’t find the comforting words I want to say,

Can you see that I’m grieving for you? WITH you?

Can you see how much I wish I could make things right for you?

What would I not give, to see you relieved of this heavy burden?

It frustrates me that I can only do so much.

But then, I am not God.

I am powerless.

But He is All-Powerful. And I can pray.

So I will pray for you, dearest. I will PRAY. Hard.

For peace. For joy. Yes, JOY. Abounding Joy in Christ.

That God, if He wills, will ease your burdens quickly.

That He will give You hope.


That your doubts will be cleared, that your faith will be renewed.

That God will give you strength to endure,

Abundant grace in the midst of these woes,

Peace like a river while sea billows roll.

These things can happen. I’ve seen God move a million times before.

I know you have, too.

But I know it’s still hard to believe sometimes, though. LORD, we believe; help our unbelief.

And I will be here if you need me. To talk. To pray with you. To cry on my shoulder.

And I will cry with you.

And sit with you all night until the sun rises, if need be.

Don’t bear this weight alone.

I will gladly bear it with you.

And I will bring these trials before our Father

And ask Him for relief.

I believe He can.

I believe He will.

I believe that things will get better,

That, in time, from these ruins will come beauty.

Take heart, my friend.

And until the storm passes, I will beg our Father

To still these raging seas.

I will pray,

Fervently. Tearfully. Hopefully.



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