Bullet Journaling, Round Two

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A few days ago I started actually bullet journaling. Last year I attempted to do so, but didn’t really know how to do it (it was more like a handmade Day-Timer). I’m still figuring out how to as I go, but this time I know how to use the bullet system. In many ways I’m probably deviating from the REAL way to bullet journal, but that’s okay. Mine is actually a mixture between a bullet journal/journal/my own version of Penseés (if you’ve read Blaise Pascal’s “Penseés” you’ll know what I’m talking about… basically a book to write down every random thought or interesting thing you want to remember). Anyway, without further ado, here is a sneak peek of what I have so far!

This below is the Key/Index page. The key to the different bullet-points is left, and the index is on the right, as you can see.

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Here is my calendar for the month of July. (I have a pretty uneventful month, as you may notice.)

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Below is a sample of what a day’s entry looks like.

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I like to include some fun pages, too. I have one where I can write down things that inspire me:

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Sometimes I write out interesting quotes. (I don’t remember who said this, but I didn’t come up with it)

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On the next page, I made a list of conversation questions. I’m pretty shy and sometimes have a hard time keeping a conversation going, so I made this list to help me out. Might sound corny, but sometimes I need ideas of what to say next. (Don’t worry, if I’m ever talking to you, I’m not asking questions emptily for no reason or “just to keep the conversation going”, but because I’m genuinely interested in you and your life. This is just a helpful tool to recall in those days when I’m completely tongue-tied.) :)

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Not shown:

  • A medications/exercise tracker chart
  • A list of people to pray for
  • A “quotable quotes” page
  • Journal pages I didn’t really think necessary to post :)
  • More daily entries
  • Other quotes

Ideas for “fun pages” to be added later:

  • Best moments of 2017 (at the end of the year)
  • Goals for the new year (next year)
  • “I’m thankful for…”
  • Wishlist
  • Truths to remember


Do you bullet journal? What are your favorite tips and tricks? I’m very new at this so I could use all the help I can get, haha.

– Maddie


Life – 02/08

Hey everyone!  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  A lot has been happening these past few weeks, and for a long time I haven’t really felt up to blogging.  But today I finally did.  It probably wasn’t a good idea, though, because it looks like I’ll be up late prepping for my Greek test tomorrow.  Oh well.  Anyway, here’s a bit of what’s been going on in my life this past month or so:

I went ice skating with some friends (only once).  I didn’t fall on my rear and get injured this time, thankfully.  The skates made my feet hurt though, and I had forgotten most of my skills.  I stayed very close to the edge most of the time.

I started a new semester.  Only I’m taking a year to focus on a few subjects, and plan on jumping back in the original program I’m taking, next spring, and getting my associates degree.

I have been having a bit of time to slow down and relax (see above).

I have been thoroughly enjoying Greek.  Well, the classes and the language in and of itself.  Not so much the program we’re using, haha.  But it’s been really fun.  We’re going to be memorizing lots of λύω paradigms this semester.  Last semester we did 2 of them, and this semester we’re doing 18.  #wow #bringit

I have been trying to keep my mind Christocentric – on Christ.  On who he is, on what he’s done, on who I am in him.  Spurgeon is known to have said something to the effect of “If Christ be anything, he must be everything.”  Yup.

I have been trying to make a point of memorizing Scripture.  Not just short, one-or-two-verse, Jeremiah 29:11 types of passages (though those are great), but also huge, 10-or-more-verse passages that describe the Gospel, or who God is, or who Christ is, etc.  Some huge passages I want to memorize are Hebrews 1, Ephesians 1 and 2, 1 Peter 1, among others.  I’ve just been feeling the need to have a very firm understanding of who God is, who Jesus is, who the Holy Spirit is, what the Gospel is, etc.  You know, important theological truths.  Stuff I already know, but want to have absolutely cemented in my brain.  I’ve got a little over half of Colossians 1:15-23 done, so that’s awesome.

I have been listening to a lot of The Gray Havens, Urban Rescue, Jason Gray, and Rend Collective.

I’ve been working every so often on handlettering.

God showed me that recently I have been giving into lots of negativity and self-pity, being discontented about certain areas of my life.  He showed me that he has placed me in the season I am in for a purpose, and I just need to trust him and see what he has for me there.  If things had gone the way my selfish self would have wanted, I would have missed out on that bit of grace he had for me in that time.  When he places me in a situation that isn’t what I would have wanted, he is doing that to test me; to sanctify me; to make me steadfast (James 1:2-4) and immovable in him; to cause me to remember how totally dependent I am upon him, and run to him.  He is good.  So good.

Have been realizing that life away from Facebook, Instagram and the like (for the most part) is so much better.

I’ve been journaling.  A lot.  It’s been great.

A lot of my friends are getting married and having babies.  It’s really exciting.

I joined a small group!  Since I go to a fairly-sized church (not exactly a mega-church, but rather large), our church does small groups, and I just became part of one.  I’m really excited about it.

I’ve been realizing yet again (for the millionth time) what a huge blessing friends are.  God has given me so many amazing people in my life, and has used them to encourage me, strengthen my faith, challenge me, and make me laugh.

I’ve been amazed these days at how God can use little, insignificant me to bless others.  When I look at myself, it’s sometimes hard to believe that he could use me.  But he can, and I’ve seen that he does!  Just today I was out with a friend for coffee, and when we were talking, she told me that what I had been telling her at one point in our conversation was an answer to something she had been praying about that morning!  What!  All I did was say words, but God decided to use them to bless her.  After she told me that, we just sat there, our minds blowing up.  It’s amazing how God works.

We still have a serious mouse problem.  I mean, okay, it could be a lot worse, so there’s a lot to be thankful for.  However, it’s pretty gross.  Thankfully, though, it might be getting better.  Maybe.


Happy Monday!

Music, Field Trips & Anticipation for Thanksgiving Break

These past couple weeks have been quite interesting.

I’ve been enjoying the snow so much.  Watching it fall while I sit in my warm house with a cup of tea (or in the library, as I try to tackle an essay on the interactions between Israel and Assyria in the Old Testament) is near perfection.  A couple of the people in my class had never seen snow in their lives up until now, so it was cool to see their reactions, to hear about what they thought when they first saw it, felt it, walked on it.

God has been teaching me a lot.  He’s been proving Himself faithful over and over, and teaching me to rest in Him; to bring any anxieties or stress (college, life, etc.) to Him, and He always takes care of it.  Matthew 11:28-29 is high on the list of my life verses (I don’t have just one…I can’t narrow down the whole Bible to just one verse; it’s all so good):  “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”  Jesus is just seriously THE BEST.

Our class learned about Hinduism last Friday.  It was a very interesting day.  The lecturer that day was actually Indian; a Christian who was a former brahmin (the highest, most desired position in the caste system; so it’s amazing and so cool that he left that to follow Jesus).  Hinduism is strange – the ultimate goal is to become one with “Brahman” (their impersonal god of gods, I guess) and become impersonal.  Which makes sense now to me why yoga (which actually is a hindu practice) is all about emptying onesself.  Hmmm…  I really don’t know why anyone would desire to be impersonal.  After class, we took a field trip.  We had lunch at an Indian restaurant, and then toured a Hindu temple.  It was very interesting.  The tour guide showed us all the different shrines containing images of some of the Hindu gods and goddesses, and told us about their attributes, etc.  It made me thankful that the REAL God made Himself known to me, chose me to be one of his children, and opened my eyes to how awesome He is.  On the ride back, I and a few guys in my class were talking about this, and we were like, “Man, if God didn’t save me, I sadly would probably chosen Hinduism over any other religion!”  Yeah.  It made me super thankful.  :)

I’ve been noticing how less-effective studying in a group setting is.  It’s fun, but certainly NOT productive.  ;)

I’ve been listening to Christmas music, and it isn’t even thanksgiving yet!  A couple days ago, Rend Collective came out with their Christmas album, Campfire Christmas, Vol. 1, and I bought two of the songs (“Ding Dong Merrily On High” and “Merry Christmas Everyone” – the first is my favorite).  They are so FUN!  I really admire their style of music.  Anyway.  You should check it out.

Speaking of music, I’ve also been into these songs:

Looking forward to thanksgiving break!  :)

These Days – 08/31

So ever since I got back from Colorado, this is what has been going on in my life:

I purchased a very awesome but generic backpack.  It looks like this:


I feel quite hipster owning it, to be honest.  ;)  The funny thing though, is that its brand is a complete knockoff of the Levi’s brand.  The logo is that familiar Levi’s shape, but instead of saying what you’d expect – Levi Strauss & Co – it says “AUGUR Strauss & Co”.  What on earth?!  Plagiarism!  Haha.  Thankfully that logo was on a tag on the inside, which was easily able to be seamripped off.

I recently got myself an Olloclip.  It’s so cool!  If you don’t know what that is, it’s a 4-in-1 lens clip set for the iPhone.  The lenses are 10x macro, 15x macro, wide angle and fisheye.  I’ve been experiencing with the macro lenses, and I just love them!  It brings my photography potential to a whole new level.  :)

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About a week ago was the start of a new season of life for me.  A season that at times can be hard and exhausting, yet so awesome, beautiful and oh SO worth it.  I started attending a really amazing Bible college.  I’m learning so much – every day God just blows my mind with new things to know about His power; His might, His glory.  I’m growing in knowledge of the supremacy and beauty of Christ.  I’m establishing so many wonderful new relationships that mean the world to me – when you get a good number of my classmates together, that’s when the fun and awesome fellowship happens.  (A couple nights ago several of us went to a park at night to play ultimate frisbee, then went for a walk through the city to find a Starbucks.  Sadly, it was closed when we got there, but I don’t regret the walk.)  :)

Yesterday I went to my very first urban farmer’s market.  Until now I’d only been to little ones held in a small town.  I decided to go all experimental and buy things I either never have had before, or have not had in a long time.  So I bought myself some purple green beans, elderberries, and a honeycomb.  I also bought a few things I was familiar with, too, like rainbow chard, a cucumber and some chamomile blend tea.

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Current songs on repeat:

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Hillsong United

To Leave It All Behind – Moriah Peters

I’ll Wait For You – Moriah Peters (anything by Moriah, really)

Build Your Kingdom Here – Rend Collective

When The Crazy Kicks In – Francesca Battistelli

Fix My Eyes – for King & Country

It’s Not Over Yet – for King & Country

Love Take Me Over – Steven Curtis Chapman


Have a good, restful sunday!

God bless,



Greenwillow – Chapter One

Here is chapter one of a novel I am working on, called Greenwillow (for now, the title may be subject to change.) Hope you enjoy it! I’ll post more chapters as I work on it more, God willing.

/ / /


Isabelle Blair was sitting in her room, writing a letter to one of her best friends.  This letter, however, was different than any she had previously written, in that this one had news of the most discouraging kind.

Dearest Lisbet, 
I have told you before how hard my life is these days, bearing all the let-downs from my stepmother.  Ever since my dear papa died, she has been letting her anger out on me, it seems.  You know that ever since papa married her,  I could sense what an unamiable and impatient woman she was.  However, it was not until his death that she began to let her true colors show.  And I have just about had enough.  My nerves have taken such a beating these past few weeks.  I know not what to make of her.  All I know is that she abhors me.  

I know, Lisbet, that you will be incredibly sorry upon hearing this sad bit of news, but I must tell you.  I am planning to slip away tonight, to board a ship headed for nowhere-in-particular, and start living my own, independent life.  We may not see each other again for a long time, maybe even never again.  It gives me pain to think of this, but I must go.  Honestly, I am nineteen, old enough to be off on my own.  I do not need – nor do I want – to live any longer under the authority of an angry woman who is not even my real mother.  

How fortunate, however, that your home is on the way to the shipyards!  I will say farewell to you before I completely leave, you can count on it.  Wait by your bedroom window at two in the morning.

Isabelle Blair

P.S.  Destroy this letter completely after reading it, and tell no one where I am going.  You know how many gossips there are in Duinbury, and I will have you informed that my stepmother is connected with practically all of them!

P.P.S.  I am only taking my most valuable possessions along with me on my journey.  The rest of my things I have packed in a suitcase, which I will give to you when we say goodbye.  I will have no need of them in my new life.

Isabelle folded the letter, sealed and addressed it, and put it in the mailbox outside the house.  The postman would come shortly, and since Lisbet lived not too far away, she would get it later that day.

Isabelle watched out her window until she saw the postman and his wagon coming up the road.  When she saw him stop, take the letter, and leave, she left her window, locked her door, and began to resume her half-finished task of packing.

Alas, no longer had she dragged out all her suitcases and things, than her duties were interrupted by a sharp knock on the door.  Hastily sliding everything under her bed, Isabelle called out, “Just a minute; I’m not decent!”  This was a falsehood, of course, but something must be done to hide the true reason behind her delay in answering the door.

When everything was hidden, she unlocked the door and casually called, “Alright, come in!”
Her stepmother flung open the door.
“Izzy,” she said coldly, “You have chores to do!  What are you trying to do, avoid your responsibilities?”
“No, I’m not–”  Isabelle started, but the angry woman cut her off.
“You know very well that we must each do our share of work if we’re going to keep a roof over our heads!  I’ve been working hard all day long, and you have just been sitting idly in your room, doing who knows what!  Lazy, selfish girl!  If your mother were still alive, she would be absolutely ashamed of you!”
Isabelle was quite taken aback, especially by these last hurtful words.
“I am not a lazy, selfish girl!”  she stated.  “You are the selfish one, I dare say.”
Her stepmother’s face started to turn red.  “You–”
“Hear me out!”  Isabelle cried.  “I work just as hard as you do, and it’s a wonder you don’t seem to notice!  I am aware that I have things to do, and I attend to do them as soon as I can.  And do not make such lies about my mother!  She was proud of me, and was the sweetest person I had ever known!”
“Well, it is obvious that her sweet personality was not a trait you happened to inherit.”
“Shut up!”
The incensed woman stared at Isabelle.  Isabelle could not stand her stepmother’s coldheartedness any longer.
“Why all this negativity aimed at me?  Why do you hate me so?  Ever since papa died, you treat me as though his death was somehow my fault!  And i might as well add that you never loved my dear papa!  You only married him for his fortune!”

Isabelle’s stepmother was left speechless.  Isabelle had spoken the truth, but her stepmother refused to admit that she had only married for money.  She turned and stalked out of the room.

Isabelle locked her door again and began to finish packing.  She began to sob out of weariness.  “Why does she hate me, God?” She prayed.  “If it is Your will, please change her heart.”

In one suitcase she packed a few of her favorite dresses, as well as a couple of old, plain ones.  She threw in other various articles of clothing, then a pair of shoes, gloves, and several handkerchiefs.  Out of a drawer in which she kept her most prized possessions, she took her locket, which contained a photograph of her late parents, and put it around her neck.  She also took her diary, her Bible, her pen, a bottle of ink and some pencils, and packed those.  The rest of her things she packed into another suitcase to give to Lisbeth for safekeeping.

When everything was ready, she once again tucked her luggage under her bed, and went downstairs to do her chores.  Now it was only a matter of waiting until midnight.


When the clock struck twelve, Isabelle slowly and quietly got out of bed.  She got dressed, grabbed her suitcases, and tiptoed over to the window.  Her room was on the first floor, so climbing out the window would be quite safe and efficient, compared to attempting an escape out the front door, where she would be more likely to get caught.  She climbed out, took her luggage, and quietly closed the window.  Then she ran until the house was far behind her.

The moon was exceptionally bright tonight, so Isabelle had no problem seeing her way through the dark.  On and on she walked; though she quickly became exhausted, she pressed on until at last she could see the house where Lisbet lived.  She hurried to Lisbet’s window, which was slightly ajar because of the hot summer temperatures, and whispered, “Lisbet!”

Lisbet hurried over to the window, opened it, and climbed out.  Isabelle put down her luggage and embraced her.  The two girls held eachother for a moment, saying nothing.  At last Lisbet, who was sobbing quietly, whispered, “I shall miss you terribly.”
“I’m going to miss you too,” Isabelle mourned.  “I will never forget you, and what a wonderful friend you are.”
“And I will always remember you,” said Lisbet, “and I will pray for you whenever you come to mind.”
“Thank you.” said Isabelle.  “You will always be in my prayers, and I will write to you as soon as I am in civilized territory.”
“Good,” smiled Lisbet.  Tears started to flow down her cheeks again.  “Have a good time.”
“I’ll try,” said Isabella.
Again they embraced eachother, and cried into eachothers’ shoulders.  At last they let eachother free, and Isabelle handed Lisbet her unneeded suitcase.
“Thank you so much,” said Lisbet.  “And I have something for you too.”
She slid her old amethyst ring off her finger and gave it to Isabelle.
“Something by which you can remember me.” she said.
Isabelle thanked her and put it on her hand.  The amethyst glistened in the moonlight.
“I hope we see eachother again someday,” said Isabelle.  “I should probably go.  Goodbye, Lisbet!”
“Goodbye, my dear Isabelle!”
The girls clasped hands, and looked into eachothers’ eyes for one last time, as if to memorize the images of their faces.  Then Isabelle parted.

She walked on all night, stopping for rest everg hour or so, until she reached the harbor.


Things I Fancy – 05/31

Happy last day of May, everyone!  These days it has been really, really hot, and the house in which I reside does not have proper A/C.  But with a couple of fans, one can get by.  Anyway, here’s a list of things I have been liking these days.

The Book Thief.  This movie is seriously one of my new favorites.  If you have not seen it yet, GO SEE IT.  It inspired me to learn a bit of German. :)

Love + Toast’s honey coconut perfume.  It smells like sugar cookies baking, and I have detected notes of something that resembles vanilla.  It’s amazing.  And it’s gluten free!



EOS lip balm.  I have the “Honeysuckle Honeydew” and “Summer Fruit” flavors.  They’re mostly natural, and also gluten free. They would have to be, or I wouldn’t be using them.  :)

As far as music goes, I haven’t been listening to anything new.  Mostly Hillsong Young & Free and Rend Collective.  Looking forward to seeing Rend Collective in concert soon, along with Moriah Peters, God willing. :)

Drawing.  The last two I drew today.

10299619_669417459796623_1719130849_n 923637_1453651894878601_52637673_n tumblr_n6gb0psGtw1slxwyvo1_1280


Writing.  I’ve been dabbling a bit in poetry, and making little short stories.  Words are fun to play with.  :)  I started a new tumblr account just as a showcase for my photos, art and literature.  You can check it out if you like.


Reading.  Not much of a reader, other than the Bible.  But once in a while I like to pick up the good old classics, and by that I mean things like Pride & Prejudice, The Wind in the Willows, and almost anything by Louisa May Alcott.  Right now I started her book An Old-Fashioned Girl, and am in the middle of Jack and Jill.

Photography.  Oh, do I love photography.  It just takes my breath away.  I can get lost on Pinterest and Tumblr, it’s kind of sad.  Anyway, I like photos of objects, scenes, and non-posed moments.  Here are a few favorites grabbed from pinterest:

882dd74bfbf81492f5ae0598ff24f1e6 b2f80425c012b2e54a21aa026107ac50 dfa31c153410b4c5ba730d717ce68af6

396e988a9372858c21c68f6c811da7da ec7da7c6b7798da70d92fd82525265ec 7ae50b2014dc61b0052b0a1cd0d9cfdd65865629be81d202a3af5595cbc35c39 2e90d6bdd97da4ca690228f1b3a26fe9

What have you been fancying these days?


These Days – 05/17

Hello everybody!  It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted.  I haven’t found much to write about these days.  But a lot has happened in the past couple of weeks.  So here’s an update on my life.

During the past few weeks, I have learned so much about our amazing and great God.

I spent a few days out in the country, and got to enjoy the open space and fresh air.  Also I enjoyed being able to see the entire sky without obstructions (like buildings, etc.)!  You can’t do that in the city.  I saw some of the most amazing clouds.

I saw Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart series.  Now, I think Hallmark’s shows are super cheesy.  However, despite the cheese and unrealistic plot, I rather enjoyed it.  Does anyone else think that Jack sort of looked like Bear Grylls?  Haha :)

I took a few pictures.  Check my VSCO Grid or Instagram.

Started tweeting a lot.  Don’t worry, it’s for a good purpose.  :)  I started actually using my Twitter account for my other blog, Girls Who Glow (a blog for Christian girls), and I have been using it to encourage other girls, and have gotten encouragement myself.  Social networking is awesome!

Moriah Peters did a drawing for her painted boom box used in her video, and I entered to win it.  I don’t think I won, though.  The drawing ended yesterday, and I heard nothing.  Oh well.  ;)  Her new album is coming out on the 20th!  So excited!!!!

Remember when I had a very small (and sadly unsuccessful) design shop called Sparkel Works?  It’s long gone, but I think I might start it up again soon, God willing.

And last but not least, I am SO pumped and excited for this summer.

What’s going on with you these days?


These Days – 03/29

Well, these past few days I’ve had a pretty bad cough.  I’ve gotten that chainsmoker voice.  I’ve been drinking lots of lemon-ginger-water to ease the discomfort in my throat.

About a week or so ago I discovered Rend Collective, this Christian band from Northern Ireland.  Their music is kind of indie/folksy, and pretty awesome!  Below is a YouTube playlist of my favorite songs by them:

I’ve been drawing a little bit during my spare time this week. These last two were done today.




Sketches, Music & Flowers


Today so far was a pretty good day.

I woke up and immediately thought, I want to draw something.  So I did.

I swept the kitchen floor.

I listened to music.  (This morning I’ve had “We Are Brave” by Shawn McDonald on repeat.  Such a good song.)

I ate some frozen blueberries and stained my fingers purple.

I had a chance to go outside today, and it was very sunny and melty out.

I made a flower wreath and took some pictures.

I think I’m going to go have my read my Bible now and then draw some more, or continue the novella I’m working on.

How are you spending today?

These Days – 03/01

Happy first day of March!  I’m hoping that the temperatures will rise and that spring will come quite soon.  Last year it snowed until May!  I’m very excited to start enjoying warm weather and not having to bundle up before going out.  You guys, I’ve got the spring fever.  And summer fever.  I’m excited to start wearing short sleeved shirts, shorts and flip flops; to be able to go outside more often; to have more things to take pictures of; to enjoy lemonade, cool summer evenings, jet ski rides, making flower crowns… I can’t wait.

I spent a good portion of this morning making bouquets and taking pictures of flowers.  Here are two of the results.


About a week ago I discovered the awesomeness of VSCO Grid, and made a profile for myself to showcase some of my favorite photos.  You can check it out if you so desire.  ;)   http://thefloralberry.vsco.co/

I’ve been teaching myself piano again.  So far I know the first part of “All Day” by Cody Simpson (hahaha I know, right), and the first part of the Man of Steel theme, along with some others.

Did you know that if you google the word “tilt” (or “askew”), the webpage will tilt?  Try it.

Happy weekend!

These Days – 01/31

Hello, everyone!  Wow, this month flew by quickly, didn’t it?

Over the course of these past couple weeks…

I finished my entire Rosetta Stone Polish course.  Wow.  However, I’ve been reviewing bits of it, because I’ve forgotten much of what I’ve learned. :)

I’ve been experimenting with photography and flowers a bit.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset






I’m enjoying the occasional sunny days, and looking forward to sunnier, warmer weather.

I was spending time in the Psalms last night, and wow… God is so good – powerful, but merciful to those who love Him.  He is amazing.

Anticipating the release of Moriah Peter’s new album.  All I know is that the release date is sometime this spring.  Can’t wait!

Bought about half of Jamie Grace’s new album, and that’s basically all I’ve been listening to.  “Do Life Big” is one of my new favorites of hers:

O T H E R  M U S I C  R E C O M M E N D A T I O N S :

I Know  –  Meaghan Smith

Little Ol’ Me  –  Jamie Grace

My First Love  –  Jamie Grace

Run  –  Charmaine


Happy February tomorrow!

The Close of a Good Year


Well, folks, as we all know, this is the last day of 2013.  I don’t know about you, but it was a pretty good year for me.

During the course of this year:

I learned many new things, including a bit of JavaScript, more Polish, a bit of French, a few handy tricks on Photoshop, and a couple phototography tips.

I upgraded my iPod, allowing myself to take better pictures.

I expanded my wardrobe a bit (this is sort of a good thing, and sort of not).

I enjoyed a really cool (hard, but amazing) summer job, where I met some new people, grew closer to old friends, cooked for hundreds of people, laughed a lot, made some memories I will never forget, and stayed up way too late.

I learned a bit of piano.  Just a bit.

I decided to pick up writing again – journaling, jotting down memories I want to remember, ideas, short novels, etc.

I decided to make cursive my new natural handwriting, rather than printing.  I like it better.

I drew, took pictures, designed, read, and made things.

I moved my blog and changed it from “Writings, etc.” to “Floral Berry”.

I only got one migraine.

I did some serious home renovation.

God taught me a few lessons, for which I am grateful.  He showed me that I am in desperate need of Him (this is something He keeps showing me), that He is forgiving, that He is in control, and that He is just so amazing.


My resolutions are:

to spend less time online and live a more creative, full life (I hate to say this, but I am a little too hooked on Pinterest and Instagram, and this year I want to use those things less.  Way less.  I’m a very visual person.  I love pictures.  Pictures are great; they are windows into another person’s world, but I want to spend less time looking at other people’s lives and live my own creative, full, adventuresome, faithful-to-God life.  And honestly, that starts when I put down the internet and experience reality.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on 24/7, but the amount of time I spend must drastically decrease.)

To get out of my shell a little bit.  I’m a little shy and on the quieter side, mostly with people I hardly know.  This is because, like most of us, I am sometimes concerned with what I imagine people might think of me.  This is wrong, and does not make life fun in any way.  So with God’s help, I am going to take these thoughts captive, and be more open, friendly and outgoing.

To challenge myself more – to discipline myself to persevere and keep at it; to not be so lazy.

To start a huge project of sorts.  Don’t know what it’s gonna be, but I want to make something big.

To broaden my horizons in the fields of art, photography and design.

To pursue God with all my heart.


Happy 2014, everybody.

These Days – 11/5

Hello, everyone. I trust you all are doing well, and are enjoying the beautiful fall weather. I certainly have been. A couple days ago I took home a whole bunch of the most beautiful red leaves that I had ever found.

I had my first hot apple cider of the season last Friday.

We still have been doing a lot of painting. Thankfully, we’re almost done.

God has been teaching me so much, and has answered so many prayers. He is amazing.

I bought some delicious-smelling perfume recently. It smells awesome.

Excited for thanksgiving. I’m really thankful for being able to live in a relatively free country. I might do a “Thankful” post soon.

Deer Season is in a few days! More about that later.

Current favorite music:
“The Rest of Me” by Lauryn Taylor Bach (seriously, this girl has the voice I wish I had!)
“Making Me New” by Royal Tailor
“Remain” by Royal Tailor (I’ve recently kind of become a fan of Royal Tailor, as you may have noticed.)
“Overcomer” by Mandisa
“Run” by Charmaine

Also, I just saw that Jamie Grace announced the release date of her new album, “Ready to Fly” – January 28!

If you have any good (clean) music recommendations, please let me know! I’m always looking for good music.

Happy beginning of November!



Today I got my Rifle Paper Co stuff in the mail, along with my Stabilo pens!

The journal:


photo copy

(please excuse my half-worn nail polish!)  :)

The notebooks:


What I love about these two notebooks is that the pages inside are blank, so I can use them as sketchbooks!  :)

The notecards:



The Stabilo pens:


I found these on Amazon, and they work really well.