Last night, at 11:58pm, I turned in my music analysis paper. And then the reality hit me:

I can REST now. I’m on Spring Break.

And how good it feels!

Today has been a mostly relaxing day, but the part that was relaxing and joyful was absolutely lovely. I listened to some music. I journaled. I read Psalm 34 and John 15. I juiced some some apple-beet-carrot juice (I’ve been juicing these days, and it is wonderful), and heated up some chicken soup for lunch. I prayed. I sang as I worked in the kitchen. I read blogs. And now here I am. It’s good to have a little breather from school (not complaining—I love my school—but breaks are nice too), and be able to slow down for a while. During this week, I hope to:

  • Catch up on sleep.
  • Do relaxing things.
  • Read my Bible.
  • Think and journal.
  • Fellowship with people.

– Maddie


Life – 04/21

Hey everyone! How are you all? The end of the semester is coming up so quickly, with only 3 weeks left! Gotta finish strong, get all those verb paradigms hammered into my mind. I’ve got pretty much all of my vocab down, so that’s good.

These days have been very mellow, most of them spent at home. If you’d ask me what I do all day, I would say, Greek. Read my Bible. Journal. Wash dishes. Text my sister. Listen to music. Do some hand-lettering.

Speaking of music, I’ve REALLY been enjoying The Gray Havens’ new album, “Ghost of a King”. Their music is so fun, and the lyrics are so cleverly written, and many of the songs have Gospel illustrations worked into them. It’s pretty cool. I really like “Shadows of the Dawn”, “Diamonds and Gold” which has a really catchy tune, and “This My Soul” whose lyrics are wonderful.  Besides The Gray Havens, I’ve also been enjoying Jason Gray’s new single, “Sparrows”.

Now that it’s officially spring (it has been for a while, I know), I’ve been really enjoying all the springy things I’ve missed: birds singing, the windows open, rain pattering outside, sleeping with the fan on (YES), wearing skirts, and all that.

I’ve been asked to do a couple lettering projects recently, and it’s been pretty fun. I got to design my roommate’s wedding invitation, and just yesterday someone else asked me to work on a project for them. Um, YES.

Greek has been fun, as usual. Last week my professor led us all in a game of Greek Jeopardy and it was great. The category titles were pretty funny – for example, “Just Do It” for Imperatives (commands and prohibitions), “To Be Or Not To Be” for Infinitives (“to be” verbs), etc. Haha. I love Greek class. We’ve started calling the letter xi (ξ) “the squiggle”, ever since one of the guys in my class called it that, forgetting its actual name.  So whenever we review the Square of Stops (a very hard-to-explain system in which certain consonants in Greek, when followed by a sigma, produce either phi, xi, or sigma), “when κ goes before a perfective aspect market σ, it will yield what?” We won’t say “xi!” but rather, “the squiggle!”  Also, some of the mnemonic devices some people use crack me up.  There’s this word, εγώ, that is procounced “eg-OH”, and it means “I”.  A few weeks ago in class, when one of the guys was trying to remember the word, another guy whispers to him loudly, “What are your favorite waffles?”  At which the first guy I mentioned lights up and says, “Eggo!”  And then my prof says “Those are BARELY waffles, guys.”

In my devotions I’ve just finished Romans, and am starting 1 Corinthians and Acts.  The Epistles are SO good (the whole Bible is… and by the way, I know Acts isn’t an epistle, haha).
Ahh, this sound of rain is wonderful.  Some people hate rainy days, but I think they’re one of the best things ever.

Well, bye!


Things I Fancy – 05/31

Happy last day of May, everyone!  These days it has been really, really hot, and the house in which I reside does not have proper A/C.  But with a couple of fans, one can get by.  Anyway, here’s a list of things I have been liking these days.

The Book Thief.  This movie is seriously one of my new favorites.  If you have not seen it yet, GO SEE IT.  It inspired me to learn a bit of German. :)

Love + Toast’s honey coconut perfume.  It smells like sugar cookies baking, and I have detected notes of something that resembles vanilla.  It’s amazing.  And it’s gluten free!



EOS lip balm.  I have the “Honeysuckle Honeydew” and “Summer Fruit” flavors.  They’re mostly natural, and also gluten free. They would have to be, or I wouldn’t be using them.  :)

As far as music goes, I haven’t been listening to anything new.  Mostly Hillsong Young & Free and Rend Collective.  Looking forward to seeing Rend Collective in concert soon, along with Moriah Peters, God willing. :)

Drawing.  The last two I drew today.

10299619_669417459796623_1719130849_n 923637_1453651894878601_52637673_n tumblr_n6gb0psGtw1slxwyvo1_1280


Writing.  I’ve been dabbling a bit in poetry, and making little short stories.  Words are fun to play with.  :)  I started a new tumblr account just as a showcase for my photos, art and literature.  You can check it out if you like.

Reading.  Not much of a reader, other than the Bible.  But once in a while I like to pick up the good old classics, and by that I mean things like Pride & Prejudice, The Wind in the Willows, and almost anything by Louisa May Alcott.  Right now I started her book An Old-Fashioned Girl, and am in the middle of Jack and Jill.

Photography.  Oh, do I love photography.  It just takes my breath away.  I can get lost on Pinterest and Tumblr, it’s kind of sad.  Anyway, I like photos of objects, scenes, and non-posed moments.  Here are a few favorites grabbed from pinterest:

882dd74bfbf81492f5ae0598ff24f1e6 b2f80425c012b2e54a21aa026107ac50 dfa31c153410b4c5ba730d717ce68af6

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What have you been fancying these days?


These Days – 05/17

Hello everybody!  It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted.  I haven’t found much to write about these days.  But a lot has happened in the past couple of weeks.  So here’s an update on my life.

During the past few weeks, I have learned so much about our amazing and great God.

I spent a few days out in the country, and got to enjoy the open space and fresh air.  Also I enjoyed being able to see the entire sky without obstructions (like buildings, etc.)!  You can’t do that in the city.  I saw some of the most amazing clouds.

I saw Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart series.  Now, I think Hallmark’s shows are super cheesy.  However, despite the cheese and unrealistic plot, I rather enjoyed it.  Does anyone else think that Jack sort of looked like Bear Grylls?  Haha :)

I took a few pictures.  Check my VSCO Grid or Instagram.

Started tweeting a lot.  Don’t worry, it’s for a good purpose.  :)  I started actually using my Twitter account for my other blog, Girls Who Glow (a blog for Christian girls), and I have been using it to encourage other girls, and have gotten encouragement myself.  Social networking is awesome!

Moriah Peters did a drawing for her painted boom box used in her video, and I entered to win it.  I don’t think I won, though.  The drawing ended yesterday, and I heard nothing.  Oh well.  ;)  Her new album is coming out on the 20th!  So excited!!!!

Remember when I had a very small (and sadly unsuccessful) design shop called Sparkel Works?  It’s long gone, but I think I might start it up again soon, God willing.

And last but not least, I am SO pumped and excited for this summer.

What’s going on with you these days?


Sketches, Music & Flowers


Today so far was a pretty good day.

I woke up and immediately thought, I want to draw something.  So I did.

I swept the kitchen floor.

I listened to music.  (This morning I’ve had “We Are Brave” by Shawn McDonald on repeat.  Such a good song.)

I ate some frozen blueberries and stained my fingers purple.

I had a chance to go outside today, and it was very sunny and melty out.

I made a flower wreath and took some pictures.

I think I’m going to go have my read my Bible now and then draw some more, or continue the novella I’m working on.

How are you spending today?

These Days – 03/01

Happy first day of March!  I’m hoping that the temperatures will rise and that spring will come quite soon.  Last year it snowed until May!  I’m very excited to start enjoying warm weather and not having to bundle up before going out.  You guys, I’ve got the spring fever.  And summer fever.  I’m excited to start wearing short sleeved shirts, shorts and flip flops; to be able to go outside more often; to have more things to take pictures of; to enjoy lemonade, cool summer evenings, jet ski rides, making flower crowns… I can’t wait.

I spent a good portion of this morning making bouquets and taking pictures of flowers.  Here are two of the results.


About a week ago I discovered the awesomeness of VSCO Grid, and made a profile for myself to showcase some of my favorite photos.  You can check it out if you so desire.  ;)

I’ve been teaching myself piano again.  So far I know the first part of “All Day” by Cody Simpson (hahaha I know, right), and the first part of the Man of Steel theme, along with some others.

Did you know that if you google the word “tilt” (or “askew”), the webpage will tilt?  Try it.

Happy weekend!

These Days – 05/18

These days…

rose earrings

I am finally able to wear earrings.  So excited.  I was getting sick of those fake-diamond studs. :)  (The earrings in the pic I got from an Etsy shop.)

green ness

Also I am thoroughly enjoying the green-ness of everything.  It’s starting to officially feel summery.

photo copy 5

oh happy day

Thanks to Summer Harms, I found a slick little photo-cuteifying app called A Beautiful Mess.  It’s really cute, and you can get it for 1 dollar on the App Store.


I kayaked for the first time.  Not much of a big deal, but it was fun.

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.05.39 AM

I’ve changed my public Instagram account from herringbonephoto to maddiefoto.  It was just shorter and possibly a bit easier to remember.  Definitely not so long to type out.  Anyway, follow me!

I heard about Google Glass literally a few minutes ago, and wow.  I was amazed.  I have always been intrigued by new technologies, and this sort of gadget is pretty cool.

I’m eagerly waiting for wildflowers to start growing, so I can make a flower crown.  I’ve been pinning some ideas on Pinterest.

What have you been doing these days?

These Days – 05/06

Hello everyone!  Spring is officially here, green grass and all.  Praise God!  Winter is nice, but spring is awesome.  Anyway, here are a few things I have done recently, and what is happening around my neck-of-the-woods.

About a month or so ago, my sister, my grandma and I went to a not-nearby town for a little outing.  We were walking out of Old Navy, to the car.  When I thought we had reached our car, I attempted to pull open the door, but it wouldn’t open.  Instantly I looked up and realized that it was certainly not our car; there was a person sitting right inside!  (awkward.)

I really like Aeropostale these days.  I found these two pairs of shorts, and each pair was only $13.35!  This dress, too, was twelve or thirteen dollars.  And I riskily bought these pants online for 10 dollars.  (I pretty much live off clearances. I rarely buy something full price.)  :)

097b89e58bbab083d249bd75693b1fe6 327f51e40ab87e8a22fe77291af0ffe9

080585da15cb5390a58dc2ba24459216 Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 2.49.53 PM

Sidenote: I am realizing that a lot of posts on my blog have something in them to do with shopping or buying something.  Just so you know, that is NOT all I do, and please do not, by any means, think that money will buy you happiness.  God alone is the source of happiness.  All these pleasures are from Him for us to enjoy, for His glory.  And yes, I am sorry to admit I am more of a spender than a saver.  Something to work on. :)

My studies in Polski are progressing.  I really love this language.  I can make full sentences, but the grammar is probably terrible.  Still trying to figure out whether to end a word with an “i”, “y”, “ego”, “iej”, etc.  It’s complicated.  For example, the word “grocery store” is “sklep spożywczym” (Any Polish speakers, feel free to correct me on my spelling or grammar if need be), but sometimes, for grammar reasons, it is put as “sklepu spożywczego”.  It is one of those languages with feminine, masculine and neuter nouns and maybe verbs.  It’s very interesting.  Anyway, I sometimes set my iPod to Polish to familiarize myself with certain words.  It’s quite entertaining, actually.  I love using voice control (mine does not have Siri, and even if it did, they don’t have a Polish Siri), and I have found that if you tell it to play music by a certain artist, it will only understand you if you pronounce it the way the polish letters are pronounced.  Like if you want Britt Nicole played, you would pronounce breett nitz-o-lay (roll the r).

Looking forward to summer, and enjoying the warm(er) weather!

Anyway, that’s all I can think of.  What’s going on in your life right now?

Spring and Summer

I am so excited for spring.  I know, technically it is officially spring, but the snow makes it feel like late February.  A few days ago the snow was completely melted, but then “Winter Storm Walda” (so named by the meteorologists) came.  (Why do they name winter storms?  I find it only important to name disasters, such as hurricanes, for history purposes.  Winter storms are not much of a big deal, at least for me.  I’m not complaining, by the way.  I just find it somewhat amusing.)  Anyway, I am so looking forward to spring.  In fact, I got out the summer clothes bin today and started wearing shorts, a tank top and a cardigan around the house, just for fun.  Anyway, here is my annual, ever-changing list of what I love about spring, and also summer, come to think of it.  They kind of go hand in hand.

{Things I love about Spring/Summer}

not having to wear a coat any more.  fun day.

lemonade came to mind, though I don’t drink it often.

ice cream.  

no more heavy, awkward-to walk-in winter boots!  

a whole new photo op for instagram

green grass


that warm air


sitting on a blanket outside doing whatever

wearing shorts and short-sleeves

wearing dresses without freezing your toes off 

the melted lake

sunny days

rain.  I love rain so much.


flipflops and ballet flats (does anyone else call them that?)

summer break (more time, hopefully, to do what I like to do, which is designing, journaling, sketching, etc.!)

tans (which I don’t get often enough)

more things to blog about!

going places


running around (yes, I still do that once in a while)

taking walks (it’s easier in the spring, to just walk, than in the winter, tromping through snow)



What do you like about spring?